Martyn Ashton: Down Not Out Mountain Bike Party

Truly Inspiring: Martyn Ashton

“Legend” Ashton began as a motorbike trials rider, and just later took up mountain bicycle trials. He has been the front man for The Bike Tour subsequent to 2002, and is a four-time British Biketrial Champion and previous World Expert Biketrial Champion. Ashton is the High Jump World Record Holder. In 2008, Ashton entered the Mountain Biking UK ‘Hall of Fame’.

Ashton broke his back in 2003 when he compacted a vertebra and broke it amid a fall, having misjudged a landing, however he soon came back to riding.

Ashton built up Team Ashton Diamondback with a specific end goal to give backing to youthful riders.

Ashton was paralyzed in a mishap in 2013, amid a bicycle trials demo at the British Moto GP.

Road Bike Party video was finished with assistance from fellow riders – Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg. It is truly motivational for the ‘never give up’ spirit he displayed. We are inspired to see people enjoying the things they like despite of their current conditions.

Ride free, ride fun!

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What’s The Buzz About Mountain Bike Night Riding

What Do I Need To Know About Mountain Bike Night Riding?

If your attention is on this article, chances are great you’ve heard your pals raving about mountain bike night riding awesome experience. Whatever the reason, you’re curious and you want to explore.

So What Is Needed For Mountain Bike Night Riding?

Clothing: Once the sun drops, it will feel colder. The cold will be most detectable in your hands and legs, so on the off chance that you have some gloves and shoes, you’ll need them. A vest or light coat will round out your night clothing needs. It’s likewise a smart thought to wear reflective clothing in the event that you’ll be mingling with other motor vehicles.

Lights: A good light is an absolute necessity for night riding. You will require no less than 2 350 lumen lights: one for handlebars and one for your head protector. The cycling light market has improved as of late, with advances in LED and battery tech making them brighter and more reasonable price.

Eyewear: If your customary riding shades have clear or yellow lenses, you can utilize those. Generally take a gander at getting some reasonable defensive eyewear.

A word of advice: Even if you are familiar with the tracks, it’s a completely different experience at night. So, you might want to consider to start on the easier trail. Enjoy!

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What Cycling Apparel Do I Really Need?

Why Do You Need Cycling Apparel?

You can ride a bicycle with no unique apparel by any stretch of the imagination. None. Yes, it’s actual: you can ride a bicycle without Lycra shorts, special shoes, tight-fitting jerseys or even gloves with holes in the back. So, why then do you need cycling apparel?


Cycling apparel moves with you as you ride. That is particularly imperative for legwear, on the grounds that your legs are the piece of you that moves most. That is the motivation behind why cycling shorts are produced using Lycra fabric, since it has enough inherent stretch that it doesn’t pack up and abrade. Correspondingly, cycling tights


Cycling gear is designed to fit appropriately when you’re inclining forward over the handlebars. That implies shirts and jackets have a more drawn out back to hold your lower back secured, and legwear has a higher midsection at the back as well.


Providing an additional layer of shock absorption is the primary reason. Cutting edge shorts cushions have no less than one layer of foam inside them, regularly more or diverse thickness and thickness. The thought is to diminish the road shock that breaks through to your bum, working in coupled with the cushioning in your seat.


Ride up a lofty slope in a cotton shirt under a waterproof coat and you rapidly find why cycling attire isn’t produced using cotton. You sweat, the sweat splashes the shirt and you get wet, and after that icy. Cycling apparatus is produced using fabrics through which water can move far from your skin and dissipate, a wonder normally alluded to as “wicking” by similarity with the way wax climbs a candle wick.


Appropriate cycling apparel can make you go speedier by guaranteeing you don’t squander vitality as you ride. The most vital distinction is that cycling apparel is more streamlined than normal rigging, since it fits intimately with no extra fabric fluttering in the breeze.

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leatt knee-guard

For riders who need protection yet loathe using it

Leatt’s new Airflex knee and elbow insurance are the embodiment of moderate outline for the individuals who ride aggressive enough terrain to warrant assurance yet who would prefer not to look like Stormtroopers on the trail.

See Brandon Semenuk unReal Segment Video

Brandon Semenuk unReal Segment is Awesome

The best slope style mountain biker on the planet, Brandon Semenuk has turned into the primary mountain biker to film a full portion in a single continuous shot. This continuous shot was taped by the most exceptional gyro-balanced out camera framework, the GSS C520, mounted to a truck on a custom street worked by a custom trail that took three weeks to assemble. Brandon Semenuk unReal segment is a genuine true to life accomplishment required flawless coordination between Semenuk, Anthill Films, and TGR concerning physicality, arranging, timing and logistics.

Injured at the time, Semenuk just hit the full line once.

The memorable minute was delivered for unReal, the component mountain bicycle film enlivened by the exceptional innovative union of creation organizations TGR and Anthill Films, and the boundless creative abilities of a gathering of the best mountain bikers on the planet.

Brandon Semenuk

Brandon Semenuk is a Canadian freeride Mountain biker from Whistler, British Columbia. Thought to be the most designed Slopestyle Mountain Biker to date. Semenuk is a ×3 time FMB World Tour Gold Medalist. He is a 2013 Munich X-Games Silver medalist in the Mountain Bike Slopestyle occasion, a 2008 Red Bull Rampage victor and a ×4 Time Red Bull Joyride champ.

What is unReal?

unReal is for those of us who escape. A film that praises breaking free from the limits of reality and wandering into an unlimited world. This spot isn’t remote or elusive, but then numerous never see it. Here, glacial walls change into mountain bicycle trails, rain and snow aren’t the main components to tumble from the sky and thousand pound animals get to be riding accomplices. Stunning visuals invoke sentiments of amazement and immaculate delight; emotions that exclusive those of us who wander outside can really get it. This film is devoted to you—the visionaries, the principle breakers, the ones who never grow up, the ones who know the mystery—the ones who know the path into the unReal world.


“There comes a time in all our lives when we must let go of all the chaos and clutter of the modern world and tune our minds to a simpler idea…to see into that empty space just a few feet in front of us and see nothing else… to see the path ahead as a story yet to be written. Entire days of our lives can pass by without meaning, yet within these moments of absolute clarity there’s an entire lifetime worth remembering. It’s simply a matter of letting the rest of the world melt away…”

Ride free, ride fun! Enjoy the video.

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5 Best Mountain Biking Locations in America

5 Best Mountain Biking Locations Which You Probably Do Not Know

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah

It’s practically difficult to over-hype Moab. Its red-rock scene is really similar to no place else on Earth, and the most ideal approach to value it is by riding it. Celebrated around the world trails like Porcupine Rim, Slickrock, and the Whole Enchilada take the spotlight, however it’s the zone’s more up to date and lesser known trails that make an outing to Moab one of a required mountain biking locations.

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

The International Mountain Bicycling Association assigns destinations as “Ride Centers” when they offer something for each rider, from back-country sagas to apprentice neighborly single-track. Of the 27 on the planet, the main gold-level status was granted to Park City. Past the sheer amount of trails—around 400 miles of single-track—Park City’s dynamic and profitable bicycle group has connected every one of them together (spreading over three ski resorts) in an exceptionally utilitarian, easy to understand system.

East Burke, Vermont

East Burke, Vermont

East Burke, Vermont, isn’t only the best mountain bicycle destination in New England, it’s one of the best places to ride in the nation. Bicycle magazine’s peruser survey appraised its Kingdom Trails the best mountain bicycle trail system in the nation. Also, Dirt Rag magazine called the town “home to the best mountain biking in the U.S.”

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Harrisonburg, Virginia

A little school town in Virginia’s picturesque Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg is getting a charge out of a mountain bicycle blast that is bringing the group up front as a case of beneficial collaboration. Most local people chip in with trail upkeep and huge numbers of the underground occasions require trail-work days. The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) assigned the range a bronze-level ride place for its dynamic trail-building rationality and sorted out system that takes into account everybody from learners to the some bad-to-the-bone mountain bikers who call “the Burg” home.

Downieville, California

Downieville, California

Over a hour’s twisting drive from the closest interstate, tucked into the Sierra foothills at the juncture of the North Yuba and Downie Rivers, the little town of Downieville depends on mountain bikers to keep it alive. Less than 350 individuals live in what was California’s fifth biggest town amid the state’s dash for unheard of wealth, and the trails worked by miners now bait adrenaline-looking for mountain bikers.

Cannondale Road Bike of the Year

Here’s Why Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod Won Road Bike of the Year


Cannondale SuperSix Evo

Cannondale’s SuperSix Evo has been overwhelmingly applauded in past emphases as a perfect case of what an inside and out race bicycle. So this may sound somewhat dreary, however the all-new SuperSix Evo is a perfect case of what an overall race bicycle ought to be. It’s a featherweight that, because of beefy, round tube shapes, remains eminently stiff. Refinements for 2015 incorporate a considerably stiffer bottom bracket and more compliance. (One knock against past variants is that they conveyed a lot of road feel.)

Costs range from $4,260 for the 15-pound Ultegra model to $12,790 for the sub-13-pound Dura-Ace prepared Black Inc. ride.

Be that as it may, what truly separates the SuperSix from its all-rounder brethren is itsnear-telepathic handling: It would be an exaggeration to say you can control with your eyes, however once in a while it has an inclination that it. Consider where you need to go, and the SuperSix takes you there.

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Specialized Epic Mountain Bike Review

Specialized Epic Mountain Bike for XC Cycling

The Specialized Epic Mountain Bike has been with the Specialized family for the longest time but it’s still the fastest and most efficient full suspension bike out there.

Specialized Epic Mountain Bike

In the event that a bicycle were the entirety of its awards, the Specialized Epic Mountain Bike would sit on the throne. Epics includes the 29er Geometry, FSR suspension, and Mini Brain Rear Shock that is built to peruse the landscape for the most productive ride conceivable, so it puts out more speed, control, and at last, more wins, than some other XC bicycle out there.

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Crosscountry (XC) cycling

Crosscountry (XC) cycling is the most widely recognized discipline of mountain biking. Crosscountry cycling turned into an Olympic game in 1996 and is the main type of mountain biking competing at the Olympics.

Crosscountry cycling is characterized by the territory on which it is performed. XC courses and trails comprise of a blend of rough forest paths and singletrack (additionally alluded to as doubletrack relying upon width), smooth fireroads, and even paved paths connecting different trails. Riding or racing is only deemed crosscountry if the technical complexity of the trails is simple or moderate. Trails too specialized even to experienced riders are all the more frequently named “all-mountain”, “freeride”, or “downhill”.

Crosscountry bikes are one of the lightest mountain bicycles, normally somewhere around 7 and 16 kilograms (15 and 35 lb). They more often than not highlight suspension forks in front and infrequently have suspension in the back. In both the front and back, most XC bikes have around 100 millimeters (10.0 cm; 3.9 in) of suspension travel, albeit a few riders favor 125 to 150 millimeters (12.5 to 15.0 cm; 4.9 to 5.9 in) of travel as bike frame strength and innovation advance. The geometry of the frames by and large place the rider in somewhat more upright position than on a road bike yet a great deal not exactly on a downhill bicycle.


Specialized Rockhopper Review

What Is So Good About Specialized Rockhopper?

Trust us when we say we went through the same process. The same thought went through our mind especially when the trail seems so terrifying. It will be much easier until you use the correct bike. Specialized Rockhopper is what you are looking for. With it you will hardly feel the bumpy trail, you will feel planted and comfortable. Your confidence will grow and you will be cruising along the terrifying trail in no time.

No worries for the bike too. For it is built with durable lightweight aluminium and fitted with performance-driven equipment and component to complement you and your need to conquer the terrain.

Specialized Rockhopper 2

Specifications of Specialized Rockhopper

Handlebars – Flat bar, 10-degree backsweep, 31.8mm, Specialized Stout, double-butter 6061 alloy, 4-degree upsweep.

Headset – ZeroStack 44, loose ball bearings, 1-1/8″ upper/lower, steel cups

Brakes – Hydraulic disc, Tektro Auriga, resin/metallic pads

Tire – 60TPI, 29×2.1″, Specialized Ground Control Sport, wire bead

Hub – Hi Lo disc, double-sealed, QR, Specialized Stout, 32h, alloy

Seatpost – 2-bolt, 12.5mm offset, anti-corrosion hardware, alloy, micro-adjust, 30.9mm

Shift Levers – SL-type, Shimano Altus RapidFire Plus, optical display

Crankset – Forged alloy, semi-replaceable rings, 42/32/22T, Square Taper Spindle, 8-speed, Specialized Stout

Frame – Trail 29 Geometry ORE down tube, externally relieved head tube, reinforced disc mount, Specialized A1 Premium Aluminium, butted tube seats, forged dropouts, replaceable alloy derailleur hanger

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Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike Review

Why Do We Think Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike Is A Must For Beginners?

A lot of the Specialized Hardrock mountain bike are based on the 29 inch wheel version although you can find some other wheel sizes as well.

It is a traditional mountain bike through and through. Perfect for anybody around 6 foot tall, easy to get up to speed. Perfect entry level mountain bike. Good for both riding on the street and riding up in the hills during weekends. A great introduction to mountain biking. Welcome yourself in the mountain bike world.

Key Features

Disc Brakes – reliable stopping

Sport Tires – good grip, not easy to puncture

Good Grips – extra support for hands

Comfortable Saddle – good blood flow and good feeling

A1 Lightweight aluminium frame (rust-free), Shimano gearing, suspension fork, 24 speed compliment of gears, Specialized finishing kit. And the weight is around 400 lbs.

Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike is the best when it comes to value traditional entry-level mountain bike, it is a branded bike, very detailed-nice finishing, all bikes are fitted with reliable components. Definitely a must have for beginners at a very reasonable price.

Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike


The bike provides good stability when rolling over bumps and kerbs, also the holding speed is good due to the stability of the 29 inch tire, both wheels and frames need to match perfectly for this. The top tube that are not too long provides you to sit upright and feel more comfortable. Not to forget the low bottom bracket also contributes to the comfort factor and overall good for cornering.

So we feel that Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike is the bike to go to for beginners. Whether you are using your bike for everyday use on the street or occasionally going to the hills during the weekends.

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Guide to Get a Specialized Mountain Bike for Kids

How Do I Choose A Specialized Mountain Bike for Kids

Most children will ride one bike for everything, so with 20 inch and 24 inch wheel bikes in particular it pays to look for versatility. That should get you a reasonable Road Bike or Hardtail Mountain Bike that won’t weigh a ton – and that last bit is crucial. If you do nothing else when buying a specialized mountain bike for kids, make sure it’s the right size. It’s better to progress in stages than to fit your child onto the biggest bike they can pedal; you can always hand down or sell on used bikes. Riding a bike that you can’t control because your feet don’t touch the ground and your hands can’t reach the brakes properly is no fun. It’s also dangerous: crashing puts people off – even kids eventually.

Things to Consider

Cranks – Kids, similar to grown-ups, need cranks that are around 20 percent their inside leg length. A tenth of total height is a good guideline to follow

BrakesBrake levers don’t need downsizing, since you can utilize two-finger adult-size levers. They should be within easy reach of the bars however (is there an adjustment screw?), and simple to use.

Suspension forks – For kids, air sprung forks are ideal. They’re lighter and can be effectively changed in accordance with suit a developing rider’s weight. Loop forks require lighter-weight springs.

Reach – One estimation that doesn’t downsize well to kids’ bicycles, especially those of younger kids, is reach (how far away you are from the bars). Most kids are more content in a riding position that is more upright than you would embrace, so they require the bars higher and nearer.

Wheels – Don’t purchase enormous wheels for little riders, they require downsizing as well. While a bigger wheel will move over bumps and kerbs better, it will likewise be heavier, and the steering will be less responsive. It’s conceivable that the reach to the bars will be greater as well, on the grounds that the bottom bracket to front axle distance will be greater, and the bottom bracket itself will be higher.

Specialized Mountain Bike Kids2

Types of Specialized Mountain Bike for Kids

Preschool: A kid’s first set of wheels for the most part comes as a trike or push-along. These are regularly weak plastic, with straightforward friction bearings. A good metal trike will last more and can be passed on. Search for wide-set back wheels for stability, and a sturdy front wheel axle. Appropriate metal rollers here are a plus.

4-6: All 16 inch wheel bicycles accompany a single speed gear. As kids of this age won’t be riding far, a single speed is alright.

6-9: Gears are additional option with 20 inch wheel bicycles. A three-speed hub gear would be perfect: it’s straightforward and difficult to break. Once more, it’s more costly to fit, so five-and six-speed derailleurs are what you’ll generally discover. For thumping around in the city, don’t discount single speeds: they’re lighter, less difficult and seldom create issues.

9-12: Bike spec ought to contrast with a grown-up’s bicycle at the same cost. So expect a Micro-Adjust Alloy Seatpost, a Cartridge Bottom Bracket, an Alloy Flat or Riser Bar, a Threadless Stem, brand name V-Brakes and a better than average arrangement of wheels. They’ll have off-road tires – kids like these, however an arrangement of semi-slicks would be better for all-round use. ‘Less is more’ applies: rather than disc brakes, search for Disc Mounts for later upgrades. What’s more, search for a decent suspension fork (Adjustable Preload and damping), not full suspension. The cranks will again be too long: you need 140 mm, 150 mm at a push. You may get 160 mm.

13 and above: Kids age 13 and above are prepared for a small-framed adult bicycle. Most producers make frames down to 14 inch or 15 inch, and some do 13 inch. Urban freeriders and serious off-road riders may need the smallest frame for the additional leeway over the top tube, yet most kids this age can go straight to 15 inch.

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Places to Ride

This is a cool site to check on all the location for mountain biking.

It has 69,098 miles or 111,203 km in 19,067 mountain bike trails all over the world. Every information you would possibly need to know about the location is here from the climate to the trail map, terrain, etc.