Specialized Epic Mountain Bike Review

Specialized Epic Mountain Bike for XC Cycling

The Specialized Epic Mountain Bike has been with the Specialized family for the longest time but it’s still the fastest and most efficient full suspension bike out there.

Specialized Epic Mountain Bike

In the event that a bicycle were the entirety of its awards, the Specialized Epic Mountain Bike would sit on the throne. Epics includes the 29er Geometry, FSR suspension, and Mini Brain Rear Shock that is built to peruse the landscape for the most productive ride conceivable, so it puts out more speed, control, and at last, more wins, than some other XC bicycle out there.

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Crosscountry (XC) cycling

Crosscountry (XC) cycling is the most widely recognized discipline of mountain biking. Crosscountry cycling turned into an Olympic game in 1996 and is the main type of mountain biking competing at the Olympics.

Crosscountry cycling is characterized by the territory on which it is performed. XC courses and trails comprise of a blend of rough forest paths and singletrack (additionally alluded to as doubletrack relying upon width), smooth fireroads, and even paved paths connecting different trails. Riding or racing is only deemed crosscountry if the technical complexity of the trails is simple or moderate. Trails too specialized even to experienced riders are all the more frequently named “all-mountain”, “freeride”, or “downhill”.

Crosscountry bikes are one of the lightest mountain bicycles, normally somewhere around 7 and 16 kilograms (15 and 35 lb). They more often than not highlight suspension forks in front and infrequently have suspension in the back. In both the front and back, most XC bikes have around 100 millimeters (10.0 cm; 3.9 in) of suspension travel, albeit a few riders favor 125 to 150 millimeters (12.5 to 15.0 cm; 4.9 to 5.9 in) of travel as bike frame strength and innovation advance. The geometry of the frames by and large place the rider in somewhat more upright position than on a road bike yet a great deal not exactly on a downhill bicycle.


Full Suspension Mountain Bike and Coolest Freeriding Location

Do You Know the Pros and Cons of a Full Suspension Mountain Bike and the Coolest Location for Freeriding?

Bikes with just front suspension are alluded to as hardtail and bikes with suspension in both the front and back is alluded to as Full Suspension Mountain Bike. Meanwhile the basic full suspension bike is normally called a Dual Suspension. At the point when a bike has no suspension it is called Rigid.

Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Pros and Cons of A Full Suspension Mountain Bike



With the back suspension engrossing hits, your body doesn’t get beat as hard by the trail. For long rides specifically, this implies you’ll wrap up significantly less beat up.


Better solace, better taking care of and footing and higher downhill speeds all consolidate to make a decent full suspension bicycle enormously fun and empowering.


Suspension helps the wheels track the ground better, so they stay joined to it. That is useful for cornering furthermore moving as the suspension keeps the back tire snared. This is critical and maybe not generally caught on.

Great suspension doesn’t simply assimilate the knocks, it improves the bicycle handle thus diminishes your odds of slamming. We once viewed a specialist change the suspension settings of a rider who’d been battling along a specialized trail on the grounds that the suspension was excessively bouncy. As soon it was set up right he took off out of sight within seconds.


The blend of additional footing and bump retention makes full suspension bicycles the speediest thing on the slope, in any event when you’re going down. That is the reason downhill racers relinquished hardtails the moment full suspension bicycles got to be accessible.


The drawback, kind of, is that the additional speed takes some getting used to and can get you unprepared. You hit corners, and everything else, quicker so you’ll have to develop your aptitudes.

Also a full suspension mountain bikes will probably burn a hole into your savings.

These are the usual specs of a full suspension mountain bike for a freeride:

  • 18 kgs
  • full suspension (coil), 180mm
  • slack seat tube angle, very low seat, slack head tube angle
  • aluminium only
  • gears: 1×7 – 1×10
  • 26 inch wheels only
  • Will allow you to hit 2m+ drops to flat, hit burly lines, gap large jumps, descend on uncharted territory.

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Coolest Freeride Destination, Alaska

Alaska is one of the best-known freeride destinations on the planet. Generally uninhabited, however with perpetual extension for mountain bicycle riding, Alaska is an impeccable freeride destination. You will normally need a full suspension mountain bike for this.

Ops Anchorage

Light is not an issue in Alaska amid the late spring since it doesn’t generally get dark until 2–3am! The vicinity toward the North Pole implies it can have no less than 20 hours of sunshine in the late spring.

What individuals don’t generally think about Alaska is that it is definitely cold. In spite of the fact that the climate is extremely irregular it usually changed quickly from sun to rain.

Wild and untamed life

It’s so meagrely populated – you can drive for quite a long time without seeing whatever other people. Indeed its way more inclined to see a moose or bird. It’s not all fun and games in Alaska, however. Having one of the greatest populaces of grizzly bears, individuals in Alaska are pretty intensely equipped when they’re out getting to the nature.

Old mine

Being a relic of old mining days the canyon was loaded with perpetual riding lines that all looked unfathomable. The lines were open and, looked awesome, there were immaculate run outs. The years of mining and looking for coal, together with erosion, brought about some insane natural landscape that just required a touch of work to be transformed into natural quarter pipes, berms and canyons.

Alaska’s Mountain Bike Park

Freeride Mountain Bike - Alyeska

Alaska’s sole mountain bicycle park, Alyeska has one of the craziest horizons with the Turnagain Arm in the setting. What resembles a fjord, the Turnagain Arm has one of the greatest tides on the planet.