Martyn Ashton: Down Not Out Mountain Bike Party

Truly Inspiring: Martyn Ashton

“Legend” Ashton began as a motorbike trials rider, and just later took up mountain bicycle trials. He has been the front man for The Bike Tour subsequent to 2002, and is a four-time British Biketrial Champion and previous World Expert Biketrial Champion. Ashton is the High Jump World Record Holder. In 2008, Ashton entered the Mountain Biking UK ‘Hall of Fame’.

Ashton broke his back in 2003 when he compacted a vertebra and broke it amid a fall, having misjudged a landing, however he soon came back to riding.

Ashton built up Team Ashton Diamondback with a specific end goal to give backing to youthful riders.

Ashton was paralyzed in a mishap in 2013, amid a bicycle trials demo at the British Moto GP.

Road Bike Party video was finished with assistance from fellow riders – Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg. It is truly motivational for the ‘never give up’ spirit he displayed. We are inspired to see people enjoying the things they like despite of their current conditions.

Ride free, ride fun!

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See Brandon Semenuk unReal Segment Video

Brandon Semenuk unReal Segment is Awesome

The best slope style mountain biker on the planet, Brandon Semenuk has turned into the primary mountain biker to film a full portion in a single continuous shot. This continuous shot was taped by the most exceptional gyro-balanced out camera framework, the GSS C520, mounted to a truck on a custom street worked by a custom trail that took three weeks to assemble. Brandon Semenuk unReal segment is a genuine true to life accomplishment required flawless coordination between Semenuk, Anthill Films, and TGR concerning physicality, arranging, timing and logistics.

Injured at the time, Semenuk just hit the full line once.

The memorable minute was delivered for unReal, the component mountain bicycle film enlivened by the exceptional innovative union of creation organizations TGR and Anthill Films, and the boundless creative abilities of a gathering of the best mountain bikers on the planet.

Brandon Semenuk

Brandon Semenuk is a Canadian freeride Mountain biker from Whistler, British Columbia. Thought to be the most designed Slopestyle Mountain Biker to date. Semenuk is a ×3 time FMB World Tour Gold Medalist. He is a 2013 Munich X-Games Silver medalist in the Mountain Bike Slopestyle occasion, a 2008 Red Bull Rampage victor and a ×4 Time Red Bull Joyride champ.

What is unReal?

unReal is for those of us who escape. A film that praises breaking free from the limits of reality and wandering into an unlimited world. This spot isn’t remote or elusive, but then numerous never see it. Here, glacial walls change into mountain bicycle trails, rain and snow aren’t the main components to tumble from the sky and thousand pound animals get to be riding accomplices. Stunning visuals invoke sentiments of amazement and immaculate delight; emotions that exclusive those of us who wander outside can really get it. This film is devoted to you—the visionaries, the principle breakers, the ones who never grow up, the ones who know the mystery—the ones who know the path into the unReal world.


“There comes a time in all our lives when we must let go of all the chaos and clutter of the modern world and tune our minds to a simpler idea…to see into that empty space just a few feet in front of us and see nothing else… to see the path ahead as a story yet to be written. Entire days of our lives can pass by without meaning, yet within these moments of absolute clarity there’s an entire lifetime worth remembering. It’s simply a matter of letting the rest of the world melt away…”

Ride free, ride fun! Enjoy the video.

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5 Best Mountain Biking Locations in America

5 Best Mountain Biking Locations Which You Probably Do Not Know

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah

It’s practically difficult to over-hype Moab. Its red-rock scene is really similar to no place else on Earth, and the most ideal approach to value it is by riding it. Celebrated around the world trails like Porcupine Rim, Slickrock, and the Whole Enchilada take the spotlight, however it’s the zone’s more up to date and lesser known trails that make an outing to Moab one of a required mountain biking locations.

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

The International Mountain Bicycling Association assigns destinations as “Ride Centers” when they offer something for each rider, from back-country sagas to apprentice neighborly single-track. Of the 27 on the planet, the main gold-level status was granted to Park City. Past the sheer amount of trails—around 400 miles of single-track—Park City’s dynamic and profitable bicycle group has connected every one of them together (spreading over three ski resorts) in an exceptionally utilitarian, easy to understand system.

East Burke, Vermont

East Burke, Vermont

East Burke, Vermont, isn’t only the best mountain bicycle destination in New England, it’s one of the best places to ride in the nation. Bicycle magazine’s peruser survey appraised its Kingdom Trails the best mountain bicycle trail system in the nation. Also, Dirt Rag magazine called the town “home to the best mountain biking in the U.S.”

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Harrisonburg, Virginia

A little school town in Virginia’s picturesque Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg is getting a charge out of a mountain bicycle blast that is bringing the group up front as a case of beneficial collaboration. Most local people chip in with trail upkeep and huge numbers of the underground occasions require trail-work days. The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) assigned the range a bronze-level ride place for its dynamic trail-building rationality and sorted out system that takes into account everybody from learners to the some bad-to-the-bone mountain bikers who call “the Burg” home.

Downieville, California

Downieville, California

Over a hour’s twisting drive from the closest interstate, tucked into the Sierra foothills at the juncture of the North Yuba and Downie Rivers, the little town of Downieville depends on mountain bikers to keep it alive. Less than 350 individuals live in what was California’s fifth biggest town amid the state’s dash for unheard of wealth, and the trails worked by miners now bait adrenaline-looking for mountain bikers.

Specialized Epic Mountain Bike Review

Specialized Epic Mountain Bike for XC Cycling

The Specialized Epic Mountain Bike has been with the Specialized family for the longest time but it’s still the fastest and most efficient full suspension bike out there.

Specialized Epic Mountain Bike

In the event that a bicycle were the entirety of its awards, the Specialized Epic Mountain Bike would sit on the throne. Epics includes the 29er Geometry, FSR suspension, and Mini Brain Rear Shock that is built to peruse the landscape for the most productive ride conceivable, so it puts out more speed, control, and at last, more wins, than some other XC bicycle out there.

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Crosscountry (XC) cycling

Crosscountry (XC) cycling is the most widely recognized discipline of mountain biking. Crosscountry cycling turned into an Olympic game in 1996 and is the main type of mountain biking competing at the Olympics.

Crosscountry cycling is characterized by the territory on which it is performed. XC courses and trails comprise of a blend of rough forest paths and singletrack (additionally alluded to as doubletrack relying upon width), smooth fireroads, and even paved paths connecting different trails. Riding or racing is only deemed crosscountry if the technical complexity of the trails is simple or moderate. Trails too specialized even to experienced riders are all the more frequently named “all-mountain”, “freeride”, or “downhill”.

Crosscountry bikes are one of the lightest mountain bicycles, normally somewhere around 7 and 16 kilograms (15 and 35 lb). They more often than not highlight suspension forks in front and infrequently have suspension in the back. In both the front and back, most XC bikes have around 100 millimeters (10.0 cm; 3.9 in) of suspension travel, albeit a few riders favor 125 to 150 millimeters (12.5 to 15.0 cm; 4.9 to 5.9 in) of travel as bike frame strength and innovation advance. The geometry of the frames by and large place the rider in somewhat more upright position than on a road bike yet a great deal not exactly on a downhill bicycle.


Specialized Rockhopper Review

What Is So Good About Specialized Rockhopper?

Trust us when we say we went through the same process. The same thought went through our mind especially when the trail seems so terrifying. It will be much easier until you use the correct bike. Specialized Rockhopper is what you are looking for. With it you will hardly feel the bumpy trail, you will feel planted and comfortable. Your confidence will grow and you will be cruising along the terrifying trail in no time.

No worries for the bike too. For it is built with durable lightweight aluminium and fitted with performance-driven equipment and component to complement you and your need to conquer the terrain.

Specialized Rockhopper 2

Specifications of Specialized Rockhopper

Handlebars – Flat bar, 10-degree backsweep, 31.8mm, Specialized Stout, double-butter 6061 alloy, 4-degree upsweep.

Headset – ZeroStack 44, loose ball bearings, 1-1/8″ upper/lower, steel cups

Brakes – Hydraulic disc, Tektro Auriga, resin/metallic pads

Tire – 60TPI, 29×2.1″, Specialized Ground Control Sport, wire bead

Hub – Hi Lo disc, double-sealed, QR, Specialized Stout, 32h, alloy

Seatpost – 2-bolt, 12.5mm offset, anti-corrosion hardware, alloy, micro-adjust, 30.9mm

Shift Levers – SL-type, Shimano Altus RapidFire Plus, optical display

Crankset – Forged alloy, semi-replaceable rings, 42/32/22T, Square Taper Spindle, 8-speed, Specialized Stout

Frame – Trail 29 Geometry ORE down tube, externally relieved head tube, reinforced disc mount, Specialized A1 Premium Aluminium, butted tube seats, forged dropouts, replaceable alloy derailleur hanger

Video source here.

Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike Review

Why Do We Think Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike Is A Must For Beginners?

A lot of the Specialized Hardrock mountain bike are based on the 29 inch wheel version although you can find some other wheel sizes as well.

It is a traditional mountain bike through and through. Perfect for anybody around 6 foot tall, easy to get up to speed. Perfect entry level mountain bike. Good for both riding on the street and riding up in the hills during weekends. A great introduction to mountain biking. Welcome yourself in the mountain bike world.

Key Features

Disc Brakes – reliable stopping

Sport Tires – good grip, not easy to puncture

Good Grips – extra support for hands

Comfortable Saddle – good blood flow and good feeling

A1 Lightweight aluminium frame (rust-free), Shimano gearing, suspension fork, 24 speed compliment of gears, Specialized finishing kit. And the weight is around 400 lbs.

Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike is the best when it comes to value traditional entry-level mountain bike, it is a branded bike, very detailed-nice finishing, all bikes are fitted with reliable components. Definitely a must have for beginners at a very reasonable price.

Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike


The bike provides good stability when rolling over bumps and kerbs, also the holding speed is good due to the stability of the 29 inch tire, both wheels and frames need to match perfectly for this. The top tube that are not too long provides you to sit upright and feel more comfortable. Not to forget the low bottom bracket also contributes to the comfort factor and overall good for cornering.

So we feel that Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike is the bike to go to for beginners. Whether you are using your bike for everyday use on the street or occasionally going to the hills during the weekends.

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Specialized Mountain Bike Reviews and Prices

Specialized Mountain Bike Reviews and Prices You Might Want To Check Out

We provide some specialized mountain bike reviews and prices, brands and sites for your comparison below:

  1. Cannondale

Specialized Mountain Bike Reviews and Prices - Cannondale

Cannondale started fabricating aluminium racing and touring frames in 1983, with mountain bicycle frames included later. 2004 saw the dispatch of Cannondale’s Six13, a composite carbon/alloy frame that highlighted an alloy head tube, stay sets, and bottom bracket junction mechanically and chemically attached to carbon seat, down, and top tubes. Later, the Six13 line was extended to incorporate the Slice triathlon/time trial bicycle which utilized comparable alloy/carbon joinery with aerodynamically tapered tubes.

Cannondale has likewise built up a suspension fork called the Lefty. It began with the “Headshok” (otherwise known as “Fatty”) forks. It utilizes 88 needle bearings to reduce friction for smooth travel with the bearings telescoping inside the steered tube of the fork. This minimizes flexing of the fork legs furthermore diminishes static friction, which must be overcome before the fork starts to travel.

Price: from USD$550

  1. Kona

Specialized Mountain Bike Reviews and Prices - Kona

Kona Bikes is a bike company situated in the Pacific Northwest. Established in 1988 and still owned by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron in Vancouver, BC, their World Headquarters are situated in Ferndale, Washington, with Canadian distribution offices in Vancouver, and European distribution offices in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 1989, the main straight leg MTB generation fork is introduced. All through the Kona range today, there are more than 10 variants of this fork created for 26″, 29″ and 700c wheel mountain and asphalt bicycles.

In 1993 Kona Hahanna and Fire Mountain are the first Kona Asphalt models, assigned as, “Mountain Cross” hybrid bikes with 26 x 1.50 slick tires.

In 1998 the first production Freeride bicycle, Stinky Dee-Lux is introduced, a 5-inch front and rear wheel go “Out-of-Bounds” machine.

In 2008 Ute is the first Kona longtail, a big load bicycle with an Acacia wood deck and PVC panniers.

Price: from USD$1200

  1. Diamondback

Specialized Mountain Bike Reviews and Prices - Diamondback

Diamondback Bicycles is a noteworthy bike brand that is situated in Kent, Washington. Diamondbacks are sold in numerous nations, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Bangladesh and the United Kingdom. Produced by Kinesis Industry in China, most Diamondbacks are considered to be low to mid-priced bikes, however some of their models are on the top of the line. The Diamondback division is as of now owned by the Dutch corporation Accell.

Diamondback Bicycles was established as a BMX brand in 1977 by Western States Imports in Newbury Park, California, which sold bicycles under the Centurion (bike) brand.

One of the advancements spearheaded by Diamondback is the Knuckle Box suspension, which is found on its Sortie, Mission, and Scapegoat full suspension mountain bicycles various distinctive models and sizes are offered by the brand, which incorporate Full Suspension, Mountain Hardtail, Road, Performance Hybrid, Hybrid, Dual Sport, Comfort, Cruiser, Women’s, Youth, BMX, Outlook.

Price: from USD$600

  1. Giant

Specialized Mountain Bike Reviews and Prices - Giant

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese bike producer that is perceived as the world’s biggest bike maker. Giant has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, the Netherlands, and China. Giant was built up in 1972 in Dajia, Taichung County (now Taichung City), by King Liu and a few companions. A noteworthy leap forward came in 1977 when Giant’s CEO, Tony Lo, arranged an arrangement with Schwinn to start producing bicycles as an OEM, manufacturing bikes to be sold exclusively under other brand names as a private label.

In 2003, the TCR frame was offered in carbon fiber construction and marketed as the TCR Composite range.

In 2006, Giant included a higher-grade carbon fiber outline showcased as the TCR Advanced frame, which was described by an incorporated seatpost (ISP). Regarding different developments, Giant additionally presented its Maestro suspension in 2006. Maestro Suspension, as per Giant, is designed to deliver an efficient rear suspension power transfer. Maestro uses a setup of four pivot points and two linkages to make a floating pivot point that is designed to decrease pedal bob and empowers the rear wheel to travel vertically.

Price: from USD$885

  1. Specialized

Specialized Mountain Bike Reviews and Prices - Specialized

Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., all the more regularly referred to as Specialized, is a noteworthy American brand of bikes and related items. It was established in 1974 by Mike Sinyard and is situated in Morgan Hill, California. Specialized was established in 1974 by Mike Sinyard, a cycling aficionado who sold his Volkswagen Bus for $1,500 to subsidize a cycle voyage through Europe, where he purchased handlebars and stems made by Cinelli to take back to the US.

In 1981, the organization presented its initial two bicycles, the Sequoia, a sport-touring design and the Allez, a road bike.

Specialized additionally presented the first major production mountain bicycle on the planet, the Stumpjumper, in 1981. Specialized keeps on creating bicycles under the Stumpjumper name, including both hardtail and full-suspension models.

Numerous riders as of late have utilized specialized bikes as a part of the North American and European professional cycling circuits.

Price: from USD$600

We hope that these specialized mountain bike reviews and prices will be helpful for you to make a decision.

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What’s the buzz with Single Speed Bikes?

Why Single Speed Bikes Is Still the Choice of Many

Single speed bikes is a kind of bike with a single gear ratio. These bikes are without derailleur gears, hub gearing or different techniques for shifting the gear ratio of the bike.

There are numerous sorts of present day single speed bikes; BMX bikes, most bikes intended for kids, cruiser sort bikes, classic commuter bikes, unicycle, bikes intended for track racing, fixed gear road bikes, and single speed bikes.

The fixed-gear single speed bikes are the most essential sort of bike. A settled rigging bicycle does not have a freewheel system to permit drifting.

The Pros and Cons of Single Speed Bikes

Single speed bikes is for the most part less expensive, lighter, and mechanically less complex than its multi-equipped counterpart. Without derailleurs or other outfitting frameworks, there are less parts on the bike that require support, making this kind of cycle valuable for city commuting in all climate. The drive-train effectiveness of a single speed can be more noteworthy than today’s typical multi-geared bikes. A straight chain-line, absence of chain drag from back derailleur jockey pulleys, and lack of chain-rings, ramps and pins all enhance efficiency. As a single rear cog takes less room than the average seven to ten cogs present on most multi-geared back cassettes, back wheels can be worked with practically zero dish.


As the single speed bikes lacks alternative gearing ratios, it is less adaptable, as it can’t be accelerated proficiently outside of its single gearing range. Without lower gearing options, the single speed bikes are by and large more hard to pedal uphill. Alternately, its dedicated gear ratio likewise constrains top speed, and is slower than a multi-geared bike on flat or descending landscape once bike speed surpasses the rider’s capacity to maintain continuing increases in cadence (pedaling revolutions per minute), typically 85–110 rpm.

Most Common Reasons People Choose Single Speed Bikes

Single Speed Bikes 2

It’s basic – Pedal and ride, and there’s no need to be messing around with gears, wires, and derailleurs and so on. There’s no compelling reason to stress over gear selection as you go into a challenging downhill terrain, you can simply pound in considering what’s coming at you.

Why does anybody need 36 gears in any case? – In truth a great many people couldn’t differentiate between 10 speeds and 50 speeds when riding in any case.

It’s less expensive – Oh yes, it’s less expensive. That is particularly on the off chance that you can do it without anyone’s help. Tweak! That is the word. Converting any mountain bicycle to single speed is very much a simple undertaking, furthermore entirely modest to do.

Upkeep isn’t a bother – The more stuff you have on a bicycle, the more tech you pack on it, the more probable it is to break and the additional time you’re going to burn through fixing stuff and looking after it. Single Speed Bikes have by nothing to care for apart from a chain, and two cogs. It’s additionally truly simple to see what’s gone wrong. It’s for those who enjoys the decent and simple decision to make when choosing a bike.

Do as much workout in 60 minutes – as you may in 180 minutes on a geared bicycle.

Here’s a video on how to convert your MTB to single speed:

You can find the source of the video above, here.

Full Suspension Mountain Bike and Coolest Freeriding Location

Do You Know the Pros and Cons of a Full Suspension Mountain Bike and the Coolest Location for Freeriding?

Bikes with just front suspension are alluded to as hardtail and bikes with suspension in both the front and back is alluded to as Full Suspension Mountain Bike. Meanwhile the basic full suspension bike is normally called a Dual Suspension. At the point when a bike has no suspension it is called Rigid.

Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Pros and Cons of A Full Suspension Mountain Bike



With the back suspension engrossing hits, your body doesn’t get beat as hard by the trail. For long rides specifically, this implies you’ll wrap up significantly less beat up.


Better solace, better taking care of and footing and higher downhill speeds all consolidate to make a decent full suspension bicycle enormously fun and empowering.


Suspension helps the wheels track the ground better, so they stay joined to it. That is useful for cornering furthermore moving as the suspension keeps the back tire snared. This is critical and maybe not generally caught on.

Great suspension doesn’t simply assimilate the knocks, it improves the bicycle handle thus diminishes your odds of slamming. We once viewed a specialist change the suspension settings of a rider who’d been battling along a specialized trail on the grounds that the suspension was excessively bouncy. As soon it was set up right he took off out of sight within seconds.


The blend of additional footing and bump retention makes full suspension bicycles the speediest thing on the slope, in any event when you’re going down. That is the reason downhill racers relinquished hardtails the moment full suspension bicycles got to be accessible.


The drawback, kind of, is that the additional speed takes some getting used to and can get you unprepared. You hit corners, and everything else, quicker so you’ll have to develop your aptitudes.

Also a full suspension mountain bikes will probably burn a hole into your savings.

These are the usual specs of a full suspension mountain bike for a freeride:

  • 18 kgs
  • full suspension (coil), 180mm
  • slack seat tube angle, very low seat, slack head tube angle
  • aluminium only
  • gears: 1×7 – 1×10
  • 26 inch wheels only
  • Will allow you to hit 2m+ drops to flat, hit burly lines, gap large jumps, descend on uncharted territory.

Video source can be found here.

Coolest Freeride Destination, Alaska

Alaska is one of the best-known freeride destinations on the planet. Generally uninhabited, however with perpetual extension for mountain bicycle riding, Alaska is an impeccable freeride destination. You will normally need a full suspension mountain bike for this.

Ops Anchorage

Light is not an issue in Alaska amid the late spring since it doesn’t generally get dark until 2–3am! The vicinity toward the North Pole implies it can have no less than 20 hours of sunshine in the late spring.

What individuals don’t generally think about Alaska is that it is definitely cold. In spite of the fact that the climate is extremely irregular it usually changed quickly from sun to rain.

Wild and untamed life

It’s so meagrely populated – you can drive for quite a long time without seeing whatever other people. Indeed its way more inclined to see a moose or bird. It’s not all fun and games in Alaska, however. Having one of the greatest populaces of grizzly bears, individuals in Alaska are pretty intensely equipped when they’re out getting to the nature.

Old mine

Being a relic of old mining days the canyon was loaded with perpetual riding lines that all looked unfathomable. The lines were open and, looked awesome, there were immaculate run outs. The years of mining and looking for coal, together with erosion, brought about some insane natural landscape that just required a touch of work to be transformed into natural quarter pipes, berms and canyons.

Alaska’s Mountain Bike Park

Freeride Mountain Bike - Alyeska

Alaska’s sole mountain bicycle park, Alyeska has one of the craziest horizons with the Turnagain Arm in the setting. What resembles a fjord, the Turnagain Arm has one of the greatest tides on the planet.

Downhill Mountain Bike Best Locations

Bet You Do Not Know Some of These Downhill Mountain Bike Locations

Downhill Mountain Bike (DH) is a kind of mountain biking rehearsed on steep, harsh landscape that regularly includes hops, drops, rock gardens and different challenges.

Downhill mountain bike is heavier and more grounded than other mountain bicycles and highlight front and rear suspension with more than 8 inches (200mm) or (20cm) of go, to glide rapidly over rocks and tree roots. In races, a continuous course is characterized on every side by a strip of tape. Depending upon the terrain, riders have a single or double endeavor to achieve the completion line as quick as could be expected under the circumstances, while staying between the two tapes assigning the course. Riders must pick their line by compromising between the shortest conceivable line and the line that can be traveled at the most fastest pace. On the off chance that a rider leaves the course by crossing or breaking the tape they should come back to the course at the point of exit, unless they don’t gain a time advantage from crossing the tape, in which case they can proceed with their run.

Riders begin at interim, regularly seeded from slowest to speediest, and courses commonly take two to five minutes to finish with winning margins being frequently in seconds. Riders are timed with hardware utilized in downhill skiing.

Recommended Places for Downhill Mountain Bike Racing


Notwithstanding being the flattest continent on Earth, Australia has delivered countless internationally famous downhill racers, including Chris Kovarik, Sam Hill, Mick Hannah and Nathan Rennie.

The expansive larger part of Australian downhill riding can be accessed by land transport or by strolling to the highest point of the track (push runs), however the venues at Thredbo and Mount Buller provide lift accessed tracks during the snow less summer months.

Mount Stromlo, which is close to the capital Canberra, facilitated a World Cup Round in August 2008 and the 2009 World Championships.

Downhill Mountain Bike - Cairns

Australia’s first UCI Mountain Bike World Cup was held Cairns in 1994-1995. Taken after by the World Mountain Bike Championships in 1996, setting Cairns on the map as the premier Australian mountain bicycle destination.


Downhill Mountain Bike - Himachal

Downhill Mountain Biking in India is genuinely new. The fundamental and the most well-known downhill mountain bicycle race in India is called Himachal Downhill Mountain Bike Trophy which is organized by Himalayan Mountain Bike Network. This race is led at Ski Himalayas Ropeway and Ski Resort situated in Solang Valley close to Manali which the Mountain Biking Capital of India. This track is 2 km long and the range offers part of characteristic mountain biking trails and fits numerous styles of mountain biking. The trails in this Himalayan locale are open to riders of all aptitude levels.


Downhill Mountain Bike - Doi Suthep

Uneven districts of Northern Thailand offer incredible venues for downhill mountain biking. Chiang Mai is the most renowned area for Downhill Mountain biking in Thailand. The Chiang Mai Downhill Challenge, which were held in November 2012 and 2013 had pulled in World Cup riders, for example, Josh Bryceland, Steve Peat, Brook Macdonald, Sam Dale Edward Masters and Wyn Masters, and a Belgian free rider, Nico Vink. Doi Suthep Mountain is the place most downhill moves make place in Chiang Mai. Tour administrator, for example, X-Biking Chiang Mai offers guided visit or transport services to the trailheads and get the riders once they finish the trails. The Thailand National Championships, which are held in various venues all across Thailand by the Thai Cycling Association likewise draw in numerous riders all across Southeast Asia. The modest living costs, awesome food, warm atmosphere and incredible ridings make Thailand an “absolute necessity visit” place for riders on a budget.

United Kingdom

Inside of the UK the greater part of the fundamental downhill tracks are in the Highlands, Scottish Uplands, Northern England and Wales, as these are more uneven regions. Stronghold William in Scotland is Britain’s World Cup standard track and was the venue for the 2007 World Championships. The UK has a solid race scene with a national arrangement and various local arrangement with solid representation of all age groups present. The nation has created a large number of the world’s top downhill mountain bikers including, world champions Gee Atherton, Steve Peat, Josh Bryceland, Danny Hart, Manon Carpenter and Rachel Atherton. Other British downhill riders includes Brendan Fairclough and Marc Beaumont.

United States

The Sea Otter Classic, held every April at Laguna Seca close Monterey, California, is a noteworthy riding occasion that opens the racing season (course outline). In 2008, experienced racer Mark Reynolds kicked the bucket after an accident at the Sea Otter Classic, highlighting the risks of the game. The 2006 U.S. National Championships were held at the Infineon Racewayin Sonoma, California. In 2007 and 2008 the U.S. National Championships were held in Mt. Snow, Vermont. In 2009 and 2010 the U.S. National Championships were held at SolVista Bike Park in Colorado. Mammoth Mountain, Plattekill Mountain in the Catskills, Brian Head Resort, the Northstar at Tahoe, Moab UT and Attitash & Deer Valley ski resorts are recommended areas to mountain bikers. In the south-eastern United States, Snowshoe Mountain is famous for its extensive mountain bicycle park, camps, and notwithstanding freeriding ranges amid the summer. Vail, Colorado was the site of the 1994 Downhill World Championship. The trail was renamed “’94 Downhill,” is still ridden by numerous downhill bikers today. It was viewed as one of Vail Mountain’s hardest venues.

Mountain Creek Bike Park situated in Vernon, New Jersey is a downhill mountain bike track on the East Coast of the United States. Generally they have facilitated the US Open of Mountain Biking, which is the premier US downhill race. The 2010 U.S. Open had $50,000 in cash and prizes and a $7500 for men’s pro champion. Mountain Creek also hosts the Gravity Series.

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