Guide to Get a Specialized Mountain Bike for Kids

Specialized Mountain Bike for Kids

How Do I Choose A Specialized Mountain Bike for Kids

Most children will ride one bike for everything, so with 20 inch and 24 inch wheel bikes in particular it pays to look for versatility. That should get you a reasonable Road Bike or Hardtail Mountain Bike that won’t weigh a ton – and that last bit is crucial. If you do nothing else when buying a specialized mountain bike for kids, make sure it’s the right size. It’s better to progress in stages than to fit your child onto the biggest bike they can pedal; you can always hand down or sell on used bikes. Riding a bike that you can’t control because your feet don’t touch the ground and your hands can’t reach the brakes properly is no fun. It’s also dangerous: crashing puts people off – even kids eventually.

Things to Consider

Cranks – Kids, similar to grown-ups, need cranks that are around 20 percent their inside leg length. A tenth of total height is a good guideline to follow

BrakesBrake levers don’t need downsizing, since you can utilize two-finger adult-size levers. They should be within easy reach of the bars however (is there an adjustment screw?), and simple to use.

Suspension forks – For kids, air sprung forks are ideal. They’re lighter and can be effectively changed in accordance with suit a developing rider’s weight. Loop forks require lighter-weight springs.

Reach – One estimation that doesn’t downsize well to kids’ bicycles, especially those of younger kids, is reach (how far away you are from the bars). Most kids are more content in a riding position that is more upright than you would embrace, so they require the bars higher and nearer.

Wheels – Don’t purchase enormous wheels for little riders, they require downsizing as well. While a bigger wheel will move over bumps and kerbs better, it will likewise be heavier, and the steering will be less responsive. It’s conceivable that the reach to the bars will be greater as well, on the grounds that the bottom bracket to front axle distance will be greater, and the bottom bracket itself will be higher.

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Types of Specialized Mountain Bike for Kids

Preschool: A kid’s first set of wheels for the most part comes as a trike or push-along. These are regularly weak plastic, with straightforward friction bearings. A good metal trike will last more and can be passed on. Search for wide-set back wheels for stability, and a sturdy front wheel axle. Appropriate metal rollers here are a plus.

4-6: All 16 inch wheel bicycles accompany a single speed gear. As kids of this age won’t be riding far, a single speed is alright.

6-9: Gears are additional option with 20 inch wheel bicycles. A three-speed hub gear would be perfect: it’s straightforward and difficult to break. Once more, it’s more costly to fit, so five-and six-speed derailleurs are what you’ll generally discover. For thumping around in the city, don’t discount single speeds: they’re lighter, less difficult and seldom create issues.

9-12: Bike spec ought to contrast with a grown-up’s bicycle at the same cost. So expect a Micro-Adjust Alloy Seatpost, a Cartridge Bottom Bracket, an Alloy Flat or Riser Bar, a Threadless Stem, brand name V-Brakes and a better than average arrangement of wheels. They’ll have off-road tires – kids like these, however an arrangement of semi-slicks would be better for all-round use. ‘Less is more’ applies: rather than disc brakes, search for Disc Mounts for later upgrades. What’s more, search for a decent suspension fork (Adjustable Preload and damping), not full suspension. The cranks will again be too long: you need 140 mm, 150 mm at a push. You may get 160 mm.

13 and above: Kids age 13 and above are prepared for a small-framed adult bicycle. Most producers make frames down to 14 inch or 15 inch, and some do 13 inch. Urban freeriders and serious off-road riders may need the smallest frame for the additional leeway over the top tube, yet most kids this age can go straight to 15 inch.

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Places to Ride

This is a cool site to check on all the location for mountain biking.

It has 69,098 miles or 111,203 km in 19,067 mountain bike trails all over the world. Every information you would possibly need to know about the location is here from the climate to the trail map, terrain, etc.



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