Martyn Ashton: Down Not Out Mountain Bike Party

Martyn Ashton

Truly Inspiring: Martyn Ashton

“Legend” Ashton began as a motorbike trials rider, and just later took up mountain bicycle trials. He has been the front man for The Bike Tour subsequent to 2002, and is a four-time British Biketrial Champion and previous World Expert Biketrial Champion. Ashton is the High Jump World Record Holder. In 2008, Ashton entered the Mountain Biking UK ‘Hall of Fame’.

Ashton broke his back in 2003 when he compacted a vertebra and broke it amid a fall, having misjudged a landing, however he soon came back to riding.

Ashton built up Team Ashton Diamondback with a specific end goal to give backing to youthful riders.

Ashton was paralyzed in a mishap in 2013, amid a bicycle trials demo at the British Moto GP.

Road Bike Party video was finished with assistance from fellow riders – Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg. It is truly motivational for the ‘never give up’ spirit he displayed. We are inspired to see people enjoying the things they like despite of their current conditions.

Ride free, ride fun!

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