Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike Review

Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike 2

Why Do We Think Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike Is A Must For Beginners?

A lot of the Specialized Hardrock mountain bike are based on the 29 inch wheel version although you can find some other wheel sizes as well.

It is a traditional mountain bike through and through. Perfect for anybody around 6 foot tall, easy to get up to speed. Perfect entry level mountain bike. Good for both riding on the street and riding up in the hills during weekends. A great introduction to mountain biking. Welcome yourself in the mountain bike world.

Key Features

Disc Brakes – reliable stopping

Sport Tires – good grip, not easy to puncture

Good Grips – extra support for hands

Comfortable Saddle – good blood flow and good feeling

A1 Lightweight aluminium frame (rust-free), Shimano gearing, suspension fork, 24 speed compliment of gears, Specialized finishing kit. And the weight is around 400 lbs.

Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike is the best when it comes to value traditional entry-level mountain bike, it is a branded bike, very detailed-nice finishing, all bikes are fitted with reliable components. Definitely a must have for beginners at a very reasonable price.

Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike


The bike provides good stability when rolling over bumps and kerbs, also the holding speed is good due to the stability of the 29 inch tire, both wheels and frames need to match perfectly for this. The top tube that are not too long provides you to sit upright and feel more comfortable. Not to forget the low bottom bracket also contributes to the comfort factor and overall good for cornering.

So we feel that Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike is the bike to go to for beginners. Whether you are using your bike for everyday use on the street or occasionally going to the hills during the weekends.

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